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New Occupations Designs Amigurumi Patterns

Introducing amigurumi patterns, special designs for kids to welcome the summer and back-to-school season. Now each child will have their favorite animal or pet to enjoy the new season. Let’s dive into each specific design.

Army Designs

In the recent giveaway contest that I conducted on my Instagram, Shiba the Police is the design with the most choice. He’s so cute, right? Love panda? I have a soldier for you. Love the bear? I have a sailor ready for you. The dalmatian in fireman style and the piggy in aviator style are waiting for you to pick up. These amigurumi patterns are easy to follow with a lot of photo tutorials and well-written patterns. All are in US terms.

Other occupations

If you are a beginner, let’s start with Bunny the Nurse, she is the easiest pattern for practicing to get the best results before working on other designs. The elephant in the minimal farmer style is also fun to get started. Penguin in chef-style is quite simple to try too, the difficult part is the color-changing technique, but there are a lot of photo tutorials that will handle you step by step to follow, make sure that you will get a beautiful result as the original. Pick the jobs that you or your children love and enjoy the limited-time offers available on my ETSY store.

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